REACH Siem Reap  – founded in August 2019, REACH is a Non-Governmental Organisation and free community school based in the urban village of Thlok Andoung, Siem Reap, Cambodia. With registered entities both in Australia and Cambodia, REACH provides ongoing integrated programs to impoverished families, with the end goal of breaking longstanding cycles of poverty.


 Kingdom Fight Gym , in Siem Reap, Cambodia, aims to restore the art of Kun Khmer by bringing people together and having a positive social impact on Cambodia’s youth. Together with Youth Matters thet promote sport related projects, focussing on emotional well-being, physical development and gender quality primarily. Sport is a healthy lifestyle, changing mindset and improving self-discipline, it’s a tool to connect people and communities.

This collaboration looks forward to encouraging and developing physical and emotional well-being of REACH NGO students, as well as gender equality through sports.

The target is to provide Kun Khmer training for 2 years, twice a week, with 14 kids per session.

“Our teenagers have never had the opportunity to train in a local gym and are without the means to pay for the small costs associated with playing sports at local fields. This is a life-changing opportunity for them, and we are beyond excited to make it a reality,” says Shiv, communication manager at REACH Ngo.

Do you want to make a change in the lives of these kids?, you can make a donation here