KFG Social Program

KFG Youth Program

Kingdom Fight Gym , in partnership with Youth Matters, have created a social program to support and provide opportunity to the youth of Cambodia. The aim is to give the students the tools and knowledge necessary to break out of the poverty cycle and create a brighter future for themselves.

The program provides the students with physical training, education lessons, housing, nutritious food, and medical care. The focus is on a combination of mental and physical education. Daily they will receive Kun Khmer training as well as visiting the local Khmer school. The education lessons, outside the Khmer school, will cover a wide range of otherwise unavailable lessons. These will range from physical education, nutrition and Kun Khmer history, to environmental development, financial planning, and English classes.

The goal is to bring awareness to physical health and activity and highlight the importance of mental power to help the students gain confidence. The purpose is for them to grow and share the knowledge they have gained with their friends and families. But also for them to use their new knowledge and skills so one day they can work in, or create their own businesses, in the growing health and fitness industry in Cambodia.

Youth Matters

KFG has partnered with Youth Matters to help grow the social program. YM is a Dutch foundation that promotes social and cultural exchange between Dutch youth and youth from other countries to increase their self-awareness and give them a better view of their life. Furthermore, they support social projects that have their focus on improving the lives of disadvantaged youth worldwide. The collaboration between KFG and YM brings long lasting sustainability and transparency to all parties involved in the social program.


KFG are really excited to introduce their official ambassadors, two of the world’s biggest kickboxing legends, Ernesto Hoost and Andy Souwer. They have joined to promote the cause and embody the values. KFG and YM are looking forward to working closely with them in the future.

Mr. Perfect – Ernesto Hoost is a   Dutch retired kickboxer. A four-time K-1 World Champion, Hoost is considered to be one of the greatest kickboxers of all time.
Andy Souwer is a Dutch welterweight shoot boxer and mixed martial artist. He is two time K-1 World MAX as well as a four time Shootboxing World tournament champion.

Our Milestones

KFG opened in April 2018. Since then they have been able to develop a proud reputation throughout the local community, along with expats and travelers. Today the KFG community is friendly and diverse group. KFG will continue to provide skilled coaching and fun classes to their community.

KFG have been able to support four local fighters in their professional careers, not only through free training but also by providing housing, food and English classes. Last year one of KFG fighters received a contract with ONE Championship, one of the world’s largest fighting competitions, and had his first big international fight, in Singapore. 

Next Steps

KFG will be focusing on the local community by putting our energy into growing our social program. It is very important to get the social program running smoothly to have a long-lasting impact on the students. They will continue to support some local fighters with free training, but unfortunately no more housing or food will be provided. This will be reserved for our students.

In these early stages we are focusing on spreading, promoting and raising funds for the program, with the help of Youth Matters. The plan is to launch our social program in September 2020, with at four young Cambodians students in the program.

We need you!

Yes, help is needed, and the possibilities are endless. By visiting the gym, you can support the art of Kun Khmer. Your financial support is always appreciated. Even a small donation can have a huge impact on the students. KFG is moving forward step by step to create a brighter future for Cambodia’s youth and loves for you to be part of this journey. 

How to be part of it?

ABA account 000437848
Attn.Kwok Leung Tsang
Address163 Sombai RoadSalakomrerk CommuneSiem Reap 17254Cambodia
Phone number+855 (0) 10 27 29 02
  • You are all welcome to visit our gym in Siem Reap. 
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3pm – 7.30pmSaturday 8am – 10am 
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